Simplify with a single platform for recorded statements

n2record is a comprehensive, secure, easy-to-use web-based solution that streamlines and standardizes your entire workflow for recorded statements. Using any phone, digital recorder or, n2record mobile, our iPhone app, you can capture, store, share, and transcribe statements from one unified platform. Adjusters consistently rate our products outstanding and easy to use.


Benefits your entire claims organization

n2record streamlines the recorded statements process, replacing ad-hoc, time consuming, and expensive processes with digital files that can be easily accessed and shared throughout your claims organization.

Supports best practices

  • Replaces multi-step manual processes with one digital process
  • Lets you instantly share data within your claims organization and with approved outside parties
  • Delivers more consistent and accurate recorded statements so you can make better decisions
  • Reduces Expenses

Gives managers real-time visibility

  • Provides insight into the interview process by line of business or individual
  • Ensures claims representative compliance
  • Identifies training needs with real-time reporting

Reduces expenses

  • No new IT investment or integration needed to realize immediate benefits
  • Saves the time and expense of building and maintaining an in-house solution
  • Eliminates storing, shipping, and handling cassette tapes

What does it cost?

With n2record you get lifetime storage of your statement data with no hidden fees—all for less than $5 per statement. Pricing varies by volume, so ask us for a custom quote today.

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