Download Files Securely with n2uitive Export Connector

Meet any regulatory policies that may apply by fully downloading files and transcripts using n2uitive Export Connector.

Download files securely with n2uitive Export Connector

Complete Download Solution

We used client feedback to create an innovative solution to download all files linked to a recorded statement

Secure technology

Secure Technology

Supported REST APIs and “pull” processes to export updated metadata, recordings, and transcripts linked to an interview.

Complete data management

Complete Data Management

Customers can import interview-related records on demand and save them to their own file management system. Ensuring that data management policies are aligned for all data linked with the claim file.

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Custom Solution

Some customers need to download and store a copy of their files. We built a custom solution for that need to ensure that n2uitive works for everyone.

Why n2uitive

Trusted by 40+ carriers & TPAs

Trusted by 40+ carriers & TPAs

Complete your code & cloud maturity assessments. We’ll help you understand growth.

Enterprise grade security

Enterprise grade security

Gain all the benefits of the cloud with an Advanced AWS Consulting Partner who is dedicated to your AWS.

SSO and integration options

SSO + integration options

Simplify access management with Single Sign-On and integrations.

Deployed in hours

Deployed in hours

Speed up time-to-value with a tool that’s easy to use and easier to love.

High availability and redundancy

High availability and redundancy

Improve user experience and reduce downtime with resilient, redundant services.