Improves your statement-taking skills

n2uitive’s team of veteran claims professionals will review a sample of your statement data, recommend changes for conducting better interviews, and train adjusters on best practices. This engagement is designed to enhance your adjusters’ ability to listen, ask relevant questions, and gather information that produces more consistent, accurate investigations.


Establishes best practices benchmarks

With 200+ years working in and managing insurance and claims organizations and with experience related to the more than 25 million minutes of recorded statement data, n2uitive’s professional services has authoritative expertise on how to make the most of your claims interviews.

 Improves listening skills

  • Self-administered listening evaluation
  • Training on “Eight Basic Interview Skills”
  • “Barriers to Effective Listening” self-study

 Aligns training materials with best practices

  • Guidelines for the number of questions asked
  • Tips on clarifying questions and decision paths
  • Identify and break bad interview habits


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